What will be ATOM’s Minimum Price in 2022?

Cryptocurrency has continued to change lives even with relatively unknown projects. Just a few years ago, no one could have predicted that Cosmos would blow up as it is today. The project that once served as only a developer tool has become the saving grace for its token holders.

While many people were at the mercy of the pandemic, ATOM holders were grateful for the opportunity. Sounds weird? Well, maybe, but a price rise from a mere $7.9 in February 2021 to $44.6 in October is expected to spark unspeakable joy. That’s most likely the way the Cosmos community felt.

Now, with the massive adoption of the layer-1 protocol, Cosmos might start another bull run without looking back. That said, let’s look at the latest news about Cosmos that could affect ATOM’s price. After which, we go thoroughly into the Cosmos price forecast.

Latest News That Can Affect The Future Price of Cosmos (ATOM)

Following its recent price rise, ATOM has gained massive momentum in the crypto community. Apart from that, there has been a lot of good news for Cosmos. Many investors are bullish on-chain metrics that ATOM falls within.

With newly cross-chain bridges to Ethereum improving the Cosmos ecosystem, ATOM could soon reach a new all-time high. Furthermore, layer-one protocols are expected to rise above all other cryptocurrencies in 2022. One reason is the Evmos- compatible protocol that allows Ethereum projects to move to Cosmos. This development is already reflected in the ATOM price, as it rallied to over 75% gain lately. In addition, Cosmos is also part of the upcoming Theta upgrade. This upgrade will enable Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the gravity bridge, and liquid staking.

While Cosmos continues to expand its network, the bullish momentum on ATOM continues to near a tremendous increase. That said, let’s discuss the price history of ATOM before going into the Cosmos price predictions.

Cosmos (ATOM) Historical Price Review

One of the most exciting things about the cryptocurrency market is its volatility. As expected, Cosmos (ATOM) is not exempted. Over the last few years, the price of Cosmos has seen some highs, and other times, lows.

cosmos price chart history

Source: Coinmarketcap

The “Internet of Blockchain” rose from a mere $15 to $20 in August 2018. It has been a steady rise to the top for ATOM ever since. However, the ATOM price has experienced some bumps in the middle of this rise. In March 2020, the price of Cosmos (ATOM) dropped to an astonishing $1.6. This move set its path to an incredible bullish rally to over $40.

By September 2021, ATOM’s average trading value was $32. The ATOM coin pushed further and went as high as $44. However, the ATOM price has recently been on a downward spiral. Many investors believe it’s the effect of the regular bearish market and an opportunity to get more ATOM tokens. Let’s find what technical analysts think of its future price, whether this is true or not.

Cosmos (ATOM) Technical Analysis

Technical analysis offers some of the most accurate methods for price predictions. This section will discuss the Cosmos price forecast according to prominent technical analysis professionals.

Cosmos Price Prediction 2022

According to Wallet Investor, the Cosmos (ATOM) price forecast for 2022 at a minimum level of $43.30 during the mid-year. However, the technical analysis predicts an expected maximum price of $62.12 by December 2022.

With more collaborations expected within the Cosmos ecosystem, some analysts believe the ATOM price will cross this threshold. With the current price at $37.49, a 100% price rise is possible within the following year.

Cosmos Price Prediction 2023

The forecasted Cosmos price for 2023 is at a minimum price of $69.71 by the end of the year. However, if this massive adoption continues, the ATOM coin price could go as high as $88.29.

Cosmos Price Prediction 2024

Digital Coin Price predicts that the ATOM price could be up to $80.09 in 2024. This price prediction is a little low compared to the analysts’ optimism at Wallet Investor. Wallet Investor puts the ATOM price prediction at $88.70 during the start of the year. The ATOM price is expected to rally to an average trading value of $101.61 by December 2024.

Cosmos Price Prediction 2025

Based on price predictions, one of the bullish chain metrics is expected to drive the average Cosmos price up in 2025. This projection is evident in the ATOM price predictions by Wallet Investor. The technical analysis put the predicted price of Cosmos (ATOM) at an average price of $101.89 by January 2025. However, the average price of ATOM by the end of the year is $123.95.

These Cosmos price predictions can change as the crypto market rakes of high volatility. Past price performance may not necessarily be the same as market trends changes. In addition, the ATOM price predictions can also be affected by trading volume changes. Do your own research before you invest.

Cosmos Price Forecast | Expert Analysis

cosmos logo

With many obstacles affecting global cryptocurrency adoption, interoperability might offer the solution. The exciting thing is that Cosmos provides this. A situation where the Cosmos cryptocurrency does its job and seamlessly interacts with others.

Experts at the popular YouTube channel- Coin Bureau believe this feature makes it a precious asset at its current price. With the buzzing talks about Web 3.0, Blockchain 3.0 might be the next big thing. While the current price of ATOM is still significantly undervalued, Coin Bureau believes that its future price might blow minds away.

Now, let’s look at the fundamentals of Cosmos and why it’s getting so much recognition.

What Is Cosmos?

cosmos logo

With its incredible smart contracts features, Cosmos prides itself on being the internet of blockchain. No wonder it is commonly called Blockchain 3.0.

Cosmos is recognised as the ecosystem that solves the most challenging problems in the blockchain space. Cosmos was founded by Zarko Milosevic, Ethan Buchman, and Jae Kwon. While the proof-of-work and proof-of-stake systems of Bitcoin and Ethereum are great, they lack basic structure. This stage is where Cosmos comes in. The project’s primary mission is to make blockchain less difficult for developers. Cosmos achieves this by providing an interchain communication protocol for developers.

With the development, developers have built over 260 Decentralised Applications (DApps) and services on Cosmos. In general, Cosmos solves the problem of usability, scalability, and sovereignty facing the blockchain industry. Cosmos solves these problems with the help of open-source tools including Tendermint, IBC, and the Cosmos SDK.

That said, let’s look at the Cosmos coin and how it helps the Cosmos network.

The Cosmos Cryptocurrency (ATOM)

Atom is the native token of the Cosmos blockchain. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, ATOM users can send and receive payments in any currency. Moreover, the native token (ATOM) is why the Cosmos interchain is very efficient. Built on the Tendermint consensus engine, ATOM holders can stake, vote, and generate rewards with the Cosmos network.

Interestingly, the ATOM token also supports the Ethereum ecosystem as it creates a bridge between both networks. The Cosmos cross-chain bridge allows assets into the Ethereum ecosystem with the help of ATOM tokens. ATOM’s other functions include liquid staking, interchain security, and enabling a faster trading experience.

Now that we understand what Cosmos is and its ATOM token, let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

People Also Ask

What Is The Total Supply of ATOM?

The total supply of ATOM is fixed at 260,906,513. With a growing circulation at a market cap of $2,045,130,679,816, the existing supply could soon be grabbed by investors. Remember that ATOM isn’t mined but earned through staking.

How does Cosmos (ATOM) gain significance?

Just like most cryptocurrencies, the ATOM price is primarily dependent on demand. The more investors adopt the Cosmos network, the more the ATOM price surges. With its recent dominance over Bitcoin and Ethereum, ATOM might continue to dominate the crypto market.

What Makes Cosmos Unique?

The uniqueness of Cosmos is one that the cryptocurrency space hasn’t experienced before. The Cosmos network focuses on solving the fundamental structural issues of most big-league cryptos. Cosmos does this by providing a network that offers scalability and responsiveness. This problem is one that many blockchain networks struggle with. If solved, it will break down the complexities of many applications.

Can ATOM reach $100 in 2022?

A look at the ATOM price today might mean the value isn’t far away from $100. However, the Cosmos price value also depends on its ecosystem, architecture, and investor confidence. If investors continue to adopt the Cosmos network, as they have done recently, $100 might be the least of ATOM.

Is Cosmos (ATOM) a Good Investment?

With a stellar performance in recent times, the Cosmos coin has become one cryptocurrency to look at again. Its recent surge in price and massive adoption could make it a profitable investment. That said, the ATOM coin could be approaching a new all-time high if it maintains its recent momentum.

Note that a good investment in the cryptocurrency market could be bad in no time. Price predictions do not determine if a coin is a good investment or not. Also, remember that the crypto market cycles depend on various factors. Carry out due diligence before investing in the Cosmos network.

How Can I Buy Cosmos (ATOM)?

Cosmos (ATOM) is available on several crypto exchanges. You can buy and sell Cosmos on Coinbase, Bybit, or Binance. However, Cosmos is also open on eToro, a beginner-friendly platform for crypto enthusiasts. You can trade ATOM and other digital coins on the eToro exchange without any trouble.


This Cosmos price prediction article is for informational purposes only. None of it should be considered investment advice. Remember that the cryptocurrency market suffers from high volatility. Hence, we suggest that you do your own research before buying the Cosmos cryptocurrency.