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Cookie Policy

When it is permitted, Open Ledger uses cookies to save information about a user’s preferences. This data is acquired to better help visitors and/or provide them with personalised content. When asked, Open Ledger strives to preserve as little data as possible while still offering consumers a unique and personalised experience depending on their choices.

What Are Cookies

Cookies are little text files that a website sends to your device (computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet), which are saved in the file directory of your browser on your device. Each time you visit a website, your browser sends these cookies back to the site so that it can recognise your device and optimise your user experience.

What Types of Cookies We Use

  • First-Party Cookies – These are used to track things like page views, sessions, and user counts.
  • Third-Party Cookies – These cookies collect and retain information about users for ad targeting and behavioural advertising.
  • Persistent Cookies – These are used to track how users interact with our Website.
  • Session Cookies – These are temporary cookies that expire when the user closes their browser or after a certain length of time.
  • Security Cookies – These are routinely used to ensure secure transactions.

Why We Use Cookies

We use cookies to understand how you interact with our Website and to optimise your online experience (s). Some cookies, for example, store your language preferences so you do not have to enter them every time you visit Open Ledger.

How to Delete Cookies

Users may choose to limit the usage of cookies or prevent them from being set entirely. Most browsers include built-in functionality or third-party plugins that allow you to customise cookie behaviour, such as the amount of time they are kept. Please be advised that if you disable cookies, certain elements of our Services may not perform properly.