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Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information is important to us, and we take precautions to secure it. One of our primary obligations at Open Ledger is to secure the information given to us by our Website visitors or users. We describe what Personal Information we process in this Privacy Policy, as well as how we gather, use, share and safeguard the Personal Information we collect from you as a user of this Website.

Who We Are

At Open Ledger, our team of cryptocurrency specialists and enthusiasts is ecstatic about the future of this growing financial industry. We’re committed to ensuring that you and your investment portfolios have the best possible financial future by connecting with a reliable broker.

Why We Collect Your Information

We may use the information gathered on Open Ledger for various purposes, including those listed below:

  • Provide consumers with a variety of services;
  • Provide you with advertising, information, and offers based on your online actions and interests from us or third parties;
  • Continue to expand our business;
  • Investigate data on how visitors interact with the website;
  • Defend, identify, and prevent fraud, as well as lawsuits and other liabilities; and
  • Adhere to all relevant laws, demands from law enforcement, and corporate regulations.

What Personal Information We Collect

Personal information is any information that may fairly and immediately be used to determine your identity. Listed below are different categories of Personal Information we may collect from you:

  • Identifiers such as your full name, postal address, IP address, email address, account name, and other similar identifiers.
  • Internet activities such as your engagement with our Services.
  • Certain classification characteristics such as age, gender, race, national origin, and other information may be used for our analytics report.

How We Use Your Information

We combine and use the information we have about you (including information we obtain on and off our Services) to understand how you use and engage with our Services, as well as the people or services you’re connected to and interested in, to deliver and enhance our Services. We may also use your Personal Information for the following purposes:

  • Provide relevant features, information, and services, as well as maintain, upgrade, and develop them.
  • Fulfil your demands when you authorise us to.
  • Complement and offer targeted advertising (on and off our Services) based on your device behaviour, inferred interests, and location data.
  • Detect and deter fraudulent, abusive, or illegal behaviour.

How Long We Keep Your Information

Open Ledger will keep your Personal Information for as long as it is required to provide you with the relevant Services. In some situations, Open Ledger is obligated to keep your Personal Information for a prolonged length of time due to business or regulatory changes.

How We Protect Your Information

Your Personal Information is carefully maintained. We adopt industry-standard methods and guidelines to protect our users’ information and limit unauthorised access to it. Open Ledger, on the other hand, is not responsible for any data breaches, errors, or publicly available information. Your information will be transmitted across the Internet, as well as third-party networks and mobile services over which Open Ledger has no control.