Who says crypto trading can’t be comfortable? We know that hopping from one network to another (and having to exchange your tokens) can be costly and time-consuming. Not anymore! In this 1inch price prediction, we’ll introduce you to a tool that will change your life.

We have news for you — Ethereum is no longer the only cool kid on the block! Every self-respecting crypto enthusiast knows that you need to experiment with different blockchains to get the best of the DeFi world. That’s because some dApps are only built for specific networks and don’t work on the rest.

However, making the switch can be quite the headache. There are plenty of DEXs out there to convert one token into another, but which one is the best? Different exchanges might offer advantageous conditions on some coins but not on others.

Thanks to the 1inch aggregator, you no longer have to worry about this stuff. This powerful tool uses blockchain tech to analyse other exchanges. Why? To give you the most cost-efficient exchange rates, of course!

And with the rise of DeFi and competing networks, the need for speedy, affordable crypto exchanges will only grow. Considering 1inch might be the best tool to fit that description, it’s bound to explode in price soon. Would you want to be late to that party?

Better not! Our 1inch price prediction will teach you everything worth knowing about this token and how you can stay ahead of the curve. Shall we?

The Latest News About 1inch

The 1inch ecosystem is an exciting space. Hardly a month can pass without a new announcement or development. Just in the span of the last three to four months, we got:

  • A play-to-earn game (DeFi Racer) running on the 1inch network with real 1INCH tokens issued as a reward;
  • 1inch Earn — stablecoin liquidity pools with an unprecedented ROI of 5-10% annually;
  • A separate P2P swap feature to speed up exchanges.

These additions have made the 1inch ecosystem all the richer. The added functionalities have drawn new investor interest — and we’re likely to see even more innovation in the future. The network’s foray into GameFi is particularly thrilling, as the intersection between gaming and the cryptocurrency market is one of the most promising areas of DeFi right now.

1INCH Technical Analysis & Price History

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To better understand 1INCH and where it may be heading, we’ll look at the token’s technical analysis and price history. Though both tools can be very informative, note they cannot guarantee a 100% accurate price forecast.

Price History of the 1INCH Token

Based on data by CoinMarketCap, 1INCH debuted around the $2.30 level, a considerably higher launch than most cryptos. Unsurprisingly, it tanked almost as soon as it appeared. However, it saw consistent growth in 2021 again, as did the whole crypto market. In May 2021, 1INCH reached an all-time high of $7.44.

Quite understandably, this price inspired many investors to collect their profits, which led to another price drop. Still, a bullish trend followed and pushed the token to a maximum price level of $5.67 before more weakness ensued.

The disappointing performance of the 1INCH coin in the following months reflects the broader trend of the crypto market. The prospect of lower inflation and higher interest rates spooked cryptocurrencies.

Nevertheless, the recent global events pushed cryptos to start growing again. So, in March 2022, the price of 1INCH started increasing again. Its current price is $1.91.

Technical Analysis

Technical oscillators and moving averages recommend a buy position on the daily chart. The MAs are more hesitant in the weekly term. However, the overall monthly signal is also a buy, signifying more growth is expected.

1INCH Price Predictions 2022 – 2025

Equipped with this data, we are one step closer to predicting the future price of the 1INCH token. To give you a well-rounded picture, we also drew on 1inch price forecasts made by Trading Beasts and PricePrediction.net.

  • In 2022, we expect to see the 1inch price at most at $2.16. Some initially expected a climb to only $1.90, but we’ve already surpassed that maximum price — and it’s not even April.
  • Trading Beasts sees the 1INCH price rise to $3.03 next year. Other more optimistic price forecasts expect the token to reach $3.76 instead. The minimum price expected in 2023 is $1.49.
  • The price prediction for 2024 is a minimum price of $2.12 and a maximum value of $4.06. PricePrediction.Net sees the 1INCH token surpassing the $5 resistance level and rising to $5.46.
  • As for 2025, we expect to see 1inch at an average price of around $3.50. The price maximum for that year will probably be either $4.90 or $8. How much the price changes will depend on the crypto market cycles in the future.

What Do the Experts Say About the 1Inch Aggregator?

Popular crypto YouTuber Coin Bureau seems to be a fan of 1inch. He pointed out that the service improves what other DEXs offer and said it is his preferred way to exchange cryptocurrencies. Though he didn’t settle on a price, he made a bullish price forecast for 1inch due to its vast DeFi potential.

Crypto Never Sleeps also agreed that 1inch offers the best crypto exchange conditions on the market. He expects the 1inch aggregator to continue to lead the DEX space.

1inch | a Brief Introduction

We assume you’re already familiar with the 1inch aggregator if you’re here. But on the off-chance you’re not, we can help you fill some of those gaps.

Notice how we’re not calling 1inch a blockchain network? That’s because it’s not — it actually runs on Ethereum. Why Ethereum? It was among the first blockchains to support smart contracts and already has many DeFi applications running. Thus, 1inch is compatible with most DeFi technology, as much of it runs on Ethereum anyway.

1inch is what we call a DEX aggregator — a tool that combines information from different decentralised exchanges. Think of services like Binance or UniSwap, for example. 1inch uses the Ethereum blockchain to analyse their offerings to find the best exchange rate for any order.

This aggregation protocol is quite powerful. Not only does it pull exchange rate data from multiple DEXs, butit also factors in gas fees and other charges in its calculations. Sometimes, it might even split your order among several DEXs if the numbers show that it would be cheaper than using just one.

Does it sound complicated? If you tried to do it manually, it certainly would be. But listen to this — 1inch handles all of this in one operation. It does all the maths and necessary splits for you, while you just sit back and relax. For you, it just feels like one simple transaction. How impressive is that?

What Is the 1INCH Token?

Even though the protocol runs on Ethereum, it launched its native token (1INCH) in 2020. It’s a utility token that’s quite versatile.

First and foremost, token holders participate in the protocol’s governance, deciding how to distribute spreads and fees fairly. In addition, they can stake their tokens for interest or hold them as a long-term investment.

In other words, the 1inch coin holds a lot of value. As of writing, 1inch’s total market cap is $789 million.

Where to Buy 1INCH

You can buy or sell 1inch using a trusted crypto broker like eToro. Moreover, you’ll get access to other assets (not just crypto) to trade or invest in. After all, a diverse portfolio has better defences against risk. Plus, you can use eToro’s demo trading feature to practise trading strategies safely.

Alternatively, you can exchange other cryptos for 1INCH using a service like Binance or Coinbase, among others.

1inch Price Prediction FAQs

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Do you have more questions about 1inch? We have assembled here some of people’s most common inquiries. You’re sure to find an answer in this section.

Is 1inch a Profitable Investment?

No one can tell you for sure if anything is a good investment or not. The reason? The financial markets are just too unpredictable, and we all need to tread cautiously. However, there is a general trend of growing demand for DeFi apps and services, which, in turn, requires investors to exchange large amounts of crypto. As a result, the 1inch aggregator is getting more and more attention. It’s likely to keep getting more popular due to its desirable functionalities.

Will 1inch Go Up?

We can certainly see 1inch increase in price if more people rely on the aggregator. The more blockchain networks, dApps, and other DeFi software appear, the greater the need for fast and affordable exchanges would be. This all bodes well for 1inch.

What Will 1INCH Be Worth in 2025?

Our 1inch price predictions for 2025 are between $4.90 and $8. The average between these two is about $6.50 if you prefer to take the middle road. Keep in mind that such long-term price forecasts change all the time as more data becomes available. 

How Does 1inch Make Money?

Like other exchanges, the 1inch aggregator collects a small fee on each order. Because it processes millions of orders per day, these charges mount up to substantial profits in the end.

What Celebrities Have Invested in 1inch?

Billionaires such as Elon Musk and Mark Cuban have been open about their cryptocurrency investments. Many like them have enriched their portfolios with crypto tokens. Nevertheless, we didn’t find any conclusive information on whether they have bought 1INCH tokens specifically.

Disclaimer in our 1inch Price Prediction

Trading financial assets — cryptocurrencies, stocks, currency pairs, etc. — poses a risk to your capital. Because the market might suddenly turn against you, it’s best to invest sums you can live without. Never speculate with the entirety of your savings.

This 1inch price prediction article is purely informative and cannot be considered investment advice. Always do your own research.

Note that crypto CFD trading is prohibited in the United Kingdom via PS 20/10 by the FCA. Other geographical restrictions may apply.