Our Honest Thoughts of Bitcoin Digital

The Bitcoin Digital platform can link you with industry-leading cryptocurrency brokerage firms in your area that offer one of the most sought-after tools out there – automatic cryptocurrency trading robots. Such robots are widely used by both beginners and seasoned crypto traders to potentially maximise their returns of investment.

A number of unfounded claims on the Internet have been spread online, claiming that traders can gain as much as €1000 in just a single day just by using a cryptocurrency trading robot.

There have also been allegations that several influencers and celebrities have been actively using cryptocurrency trading robots all along to reap life-changing rewards. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of these claims, but what we can do is go out there and find out for ourselves.

As a summary, here are a few of the many great features that come with the Bitcoin Digital platform.

  • Traders gain access to live trading tools and an automated trading robot
  • Access to a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and altcoins
  • A mobile trading app for Android and iOS
  • A minimum starting capital of just $250
  • Demo and practice accounts are available
  • Up-to-date news alerts
  • Safe and secure deposit and withdrawal system
  • Copy trading from experienced brokers
  • Access to real-time cryptocurrency reports

This Bitcoin Digital review will take a closer look at the Bitcoin Digital platform, Bitcoin Digital mobile app, official Bitcoin Digital website, and all other ties related to Bitcoin Digital.

We will be tackling all things Bitcoin Digital, from what Bitcoin Digital actually is to whether it is a legitimate platform or simply a scam to be wary of.

In this Bitcoin Digital review, we will also be touching upon the main features boasted by the official Bitcoin Digital website, the registration procedure, verification process, and alleged endorsements of Bitcoin Digital from notable public figures and celebrities.


We’re fully aware that there are a number of big websites and affiliate marketers all over the Internet that pique the interest of traders through unethical and malicious practices, and then lead those same traders to unregulated trading brokerage firms and malicious call centres.

Our recommendation is to stay as far away from such websites as possible, no matter how good the opportunity may seem. As the saying goes – if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

The Bitcoin Digital platform complies fully with every regulatory requirement in the country that they operate out of – making them a legitimate entity in the space.

Upon registering and opening up an account with Bitcoin Digital, you will automatically gain access to all of the services and tools (including the trading robot) that Bitcoin Digital’s trading partners provide their users. It is also worth mentioning that this review can be seen as a marketing offer.

A Brief Introduction of Bitcoin Digital

The Bitcoin Digital website was built by a financial technology consortium in 2019, Bitcoin Digital is a crypto-orientated platform built to help connect traders with reputable broker firms in their region.

The Bitcoin Digital platform also claims to help traders accumulate and generate potential profits thanks to the power of AI technology.

As a platform powered by intricately programmed AI, Bitcoin Digital is said to allow traders to conduct financial trades at a much faster rate as opposed to current, existing machine algorithms. No other live trading programme in the market can even come close to the unparalleled processing rates of transactions fulfilled by Bitcoin Digital’s partners, which is where the traders who use it have an immense advantage.

Both newbies and seasoned traders have taken advantage of the unique opportunities offered by the Bitcoin Digital platform. Some of the reasons include the overall ease of use of the platform, the unique benefits such as automated trading robots, a low entry point (just $250), and more.

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Why Trust Bitcoin Digital?

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Is Bitcoin Digital Legit?

Many experienced and newbie traders claim that Bitcoin Digital works. Bitcoin Digital has won the trust of the average trader by being upfront with everything to do with their platform. On top of that, Bitcoin Digital carefully vet every single one of their partners and ensure that they not only offer quality service to their users but also fully comply with all the necessary regulations.

This only confirms the fact that any Bitcoin Digital scam accusations are false. While there are a lot of Bitcoin Digital scam websites that pretend to be the official platform, the original Bitcoin Digital is fully legitimate.

✅ Bitcoin Digital Is AI-Powered.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the more recent emerging technologies not only in the crypto space but in general. AI technology is fantastic as it does not make mistakes and will follow your every command.

For example, prices of cryptocurrencies fluctuate in the market due to the inherent volatility of the market, and the Bitcoin Digital trading robot provided by their partner brokers may just be the solution to the whole volatility fiasco. By automating certain buy and sell transactions, based on set parameters, traders are assured that their transactions are fulfilled instantaneously without delay – even if they are asleep.

Bitcoin Digital Offers Equal Opportunities.

To create an account with Bitcoin Digital and start live trading on one of their partner’s trading platforms, all you need to do is make a small deposit of only $250. Once the deposit is made, everybody, regardless of whether you deposit $250 or $25,000, will gain access to the exact same tools, live trading robots, account managers, and more.

Regardless of your initial deposit or location, you will still have complete access to a demo trading account, which will allow you the freedom to trade in real-life scenarios using virtual currencies.

How Easy Is It to Trade with Bitcoin Digital?

While you can’t trade on the Bitcoin Digital platform itself, once you’ve got an account on the platform, you will be connected with one of their reputable partner brokers who will give you all the resources and tools to establish your cryptocurrency trading career.

The great thing about Bitcoin Digital’s and their partners’ trading platforms is that they feature super straightforward navigation and easy to follow user interface. This allows even the most non-tech-savvy individuals to find their way around and progress.

On top of that, the automated trading robot provided by Bitcoin Digital’s partners can be set up and used in minutes, without any customisation required – perfect for beginners.

While all this may sound like the perfect opportunity, it goes without saying that there are a lot of Bitcoin Digital scam websites trying to maliciously convince every trader on the Internet.

As a result, we’d always encourage traders who are availing of Bitcoin Digital to do their own research before starting to trade.

Having said that, we also have to mention one important thing, and that is the fact that you remain to be the decision-maker and not the auto trading robot making the decisions for you. Remember that it is your capital at stake and not the capital of the trading robots you choose to use.

One recommended way to hone your trading skills before risking any real-life capital is to use Bitcoin Digital demo accounts offered to you. We will be discussing that in further detail later.

Bitcoin Digital offers you an endless selection of individual brokers and full-fledged brokerage firms that are on top of their respective industries. Each broker will offer you access to their exclusive trading strategy, auto trading tools and crypto robots, as well as mentorship for rookie traders and investors as needed.

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Does Bitcoin Digital Engage in Fake Marketing?

There are a considerable number of platforms on the Internet that publish fake reviews of Bitcoin Digital. However, none of these reviews is directly attributable to the original Bitcoin Digital platform. Bitcoin Digital does not engage in publishing untruthful or downright dishonest advertisements, endorsements, and reviews with the aim of extracting money from opportunity seekers.

We are aware of the fact that many websites promise you and claim that they are able to generate extraordinary amounts of gains, but smart investors should know better. While Bitcoin Digital is not among those dodgy websites, we certainly warn you that they exist, and for that reason, you must exercise caution.

Traders can certainly dismiss any scam accusation made against Bitcoin Digital. Bitcoin Digital itself states on its website that trading entails risks and that traders ought to be smart in all their trading endeavours. One way or the other, the risk is associated with volatility, and the higher the risk, the higher the return if ever chances are in your favour.

One of the many questions asked by traders is, “Is Bitcoin Digital legit?” To answer that question simply, yes, it is. Bitcoin Digital and its partners comply with all the necessary regulations and legal aspects within the country that they operate out of. Bitcoin Digital’s operations are compliant with various regulations and are not known to contravene any law or financial regulation.

Bitcoin Digital and its intermediaries, the Bitcoin Digital mobile app, as well as the Bitcoin Digital official website, are known to obey rules and meet standards when it comes to being a trusted financial intermediary that investors can put confidence in. It’s your duty to ensure the broker they send you to complies with local trading directives and regulations.

Bitcoin Digital is committed to the safety and security of its stakeholders, investors, as well as the general public. With that being said, it is important to know that Bitcoin Digital only affiliates itself with credible intermediaries. On top of that, the Digital Bitcoin platform also carefully vet each and every single one of their potential partners to ensure that their customers are handed into safe hands. This is crucial because the right brokers ought to meet the investment needs of the different traders.

How Do I Get Started with Bitcoin Digital?

First and foremost, you have to have an investor mindset. Investors graciously accept wins and losses, and this is especially true for trading cryptocurrencies. The reason why we emphasize this is because we want investors to be fully conscientious of the decisions they are about to make since they are dealing with an extremely volatile market and a highly technical trading tool provided by Bitcoin Digital’s brokers.

Next is signing up on Bitcoin Digital and having all your crucial information verified. Once a Bitcoin Digital’s partner verifies your information, brokers will start to offer you their services, which range from trading tools to auto trading robots, as well as sharing of technical know-how, and more.

A minimum investment of $250 is required to sign up. New investors who still are doubtful of the prospects of earning can consider using Bitcoin Digital’s demo accounts, free of charge. The demo accounts offer a risk-free environment for learning all the basics using nothing but virtual money. Of course, demonstration trades are facilitated with the guidance of Bitcoin Digital’s trusted brokers.

Bitcoin Digital users also get to exclusively access a reliable account manager completely for free who can help each trader get started with their trading journey.

Investors can also decide to use the auto trading robots immediately. Investors can set different parameters in a simultaneous fashion, completely depending on the amount of risk they are willing to take.

The auto trading robots can then perform trades in a matter of less than a second. However, be mindful of the fact that robots are not excused from making mistakes. This forms part of the risks attributable to trading with advanced tools such as robots.

Is the Bitcoin Digital Platform a Scam or Is It Legitimate?

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From what we have seen, Bitcoin Digital is a legitimate platform and not a scam. There are crypto traders who have apparently gained lots of profit just from using the resources offered by some of the brokers offered by the Bitcoin Digital platform. With this information alone, it is easy to see that the platform is legitimate and is working as it should.

At the end of the day, all that Bitcoin Digital does is connect you with the right trading brokers in your area who offer quality trading resources and materials to their traders. Those brokers are regulated and are using the MetaTrader 4 software.

Like every platform, Bitcoin Digital has its fair share of using advertisements and promotions to reach the cryptocurrency community, which is its target audience.

Ad campaigns about celebrities and public figures using Bitcoin Digital have been in circulation for so long, it is challenging to determine their legitimacy and affiliation with Bitcoin Digital, but we will try our best to check that one out at the end of the review.

Features of Bitcoin Digital to Look Out For

Practice/Demo Accounts

Practice accounts or demo accounts are a great way to learn trading and conduct market analysis without having to risk your own money. Each and every trader who is connected to one of Bitcoin Digital’s trading partners will get unlimited access to a demo account completely for free.

There, traders can not only try out the trading robot but also different strategies before implementing them on their real-life portfolio where real money is at stake.

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Strong System for Verification

Verifying your account in Bitcoin Digital is made possible thanks to its comprehensive verification system. Aside from asking for important personal details such as but not limited to your complete name, address, phone number, and other contact information, it also asks for additional proof of identity to ensure that it is truly you who are creating the account.

Among these mechanisms is two-factor authentication, as well as the option to access your account from the mobile application developed specifically for mobile use.

Encryption is also taken very seriously as Bitcoin Digital has SSL encryption, as well as tokenization. This further affirms the legitimacy of Bitcoin Digital.

In order to safeguard traders against money laundering ploys and scams orchestrated by masterminds of organised cybercrimes, withdrawals involving high amounts are required to comply with anti-money laundering laws depending on the country traders are situated in.

The added protection assures traders that all trading sessions are safe and secure. This further attests to the legitimacy of the Bitcoin Digital platform. Furthermore, the added protection also ensures that transactions reflect what they actually are and not just cover-ups of fraudulent or dubious transactions. In this way, trust is established among brokers and traders in protecting their interests as well as their hard-earned money.

Real-Time Reflection of Account Balances

What better way to assure that your funds are in good hands by providing real-time processing of transactions? Bitcoin Digital has you covered with its real-time reflection of account balances provided by their brokers. With this, Bitcoin Digital assures traders of a convenient and seamless experience when it comes to deposits and withdrawals in their respective brokerage accounts.

Typically, brokers accommodate a myriad of payment methods when it comes to availing their trading robots and assistance in acquiring technical know-how. Investing in cryptocurrencies also entails deposits into cryptocurrency wallets, which will be discussed in a short while.

However, consider using more modern payment methods such as Skrill and Neteller, as well as convenient payment methods like Visa or MasterCard when depositing or withdrawing money.

These payment methods are among the most widely used ones in the world. Deposits in the aforementioned payment methods are processed in real-time.

Do note that when making a deposit, you should see your funds in your account right away. However, when you withdraw money, the funds will be taken out of your broker’s trading account right away, thanks to the secure withdrawal system, but will not show in your bank for at least a few hours. Sometimes, this can also take 24 or 48 hours, depending on your bank account and original payment method.

✅ Bitcoin Digital’s Own Mobile Application

There’s no doubt that traders are busy people. One of the most notable features of Bitcoin Digital is their own mobile application, which allows their users to trade on the go.

The application is fast, reliable, very easy to navigate, and most importantly, everything is in real-time.

Plus, it occupies a reasonable amount of space on your device, leaving more room for your other important applications when heading outside. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Great User Interface (UI)

The crisp and intuitive user interface Bitcoin Digital has on its website and mobile app makes navigating the platform a lot easier. Considering that a lot of brokers and traders use the auto trading system day by day, having a crisp user interface matters a lot to accurately represent the current status of the volatile market.

There would be no point in making the user interface harder to navigate, as most traders using Bitcoin Digital are beginners and are just starting out on their trading journey. A simple, crisp user interface would better serve their needs to reduce the navigation confusions that some traders get.

Having an intuitive UI is also crucial for a great trading platform as it subtly displays data in such a way that is not cluttered and easy to consume. Bitcoin Digital’s user interface for both the mobile app and the desktop website is a reflection of the creativity of the web developers behind it.

Astounding Variety of Cryptocurrencies to Invest In

Contrary to what the name says, Bitcoin Digital is actually not limited to catering solely to Bitcoin trading. Using Bitcoin Digital’s brokerage partners platforms, you can also trade Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, amongst other popular altcoins.

Traders also have the choice of trading currency pairs, most notably BTC/USD and BTC/EUR, as a way of adding variety to their investments.

Creating Your Bitcoin Digital Account

Follow these straightforward steps in creating your Bitcoin Digital account. Upon completion of these steps, you would soon be part of an exclusive network of novice traders and experienced professionals, forming an environment ideal for meaningful live trades and lifelong learning. To get started, simply perform the following steps.

  1. On your search engine, search for Bitcoin Digital and click on the first result;
  2. To create your Bitcoin Digital account, fill out the information being asked—your full name, phone number, and a valid working email address.
  3. Using geolocation, Bitcoin Digital will now curate individual brokers and brokerage firms near you to offer you up-to-date financial tools and information allowed in your country of residence.
  4. Be mindful of the fact that a successful registration and verification process in Bitcoin Digital does not necessarily mean that your registration for a Bitcoin Digital account is already complete. In some cases, brokers may proceed asking for additional identifying information. In such cases, simply provide the additional information being asked. Please be informed that brokers will never ask for passwords and PIN numbers for your cards, so please be vigilant with your transactions.
  5. Settle your initial investment using any of the most utilised payment methods available. Traders may choose to process their investments through MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, and Skrill. Be mindful that the prerequisite initial deposit amounts to $250. Deposits are usually reflected in your account in real-time. Depending on your chosen mode of payment, additional surcharges may apply.

Bitcoin Digital’s International Hotspots

The following is a list of countries where most traders and brokers are said to be geographically located and where most volumes of transactions occur every single trading day. Live sessions, as well as demo sessions, are widely held in these countries. Do note that these are just estimates as the data is not directly confirmed by the official Bitcoin Digital app and website.

Australia | Kenya | Lesotho | New Zealand | Nigeria | Romania | South Africa | United Arab Emirates | United Kingdom* No CFDs | Zimbabwe

Things New Investors Should Know Before Investing

✅ Beginner Investors Should Continuously Learn Investment Strategies

Regardless of whether you settle on reinvesting all gains once again into your portfolio, or might want to pull out a portion of your profit for your own use, you need to ensure that you now have solid investment strategies that work for you. This is crucial because while copy trading is a thing, your risk appetites might be drastically different.

You should take the time to do your own research and not be influenced by the crypto hype. A lot of beginners tend to fall for the hype because of the fear of missing out. Do not let that be you.

As a result, they end up losing more money than they can afford to. It is good to seize lucrative opportunities, especially in a volatile market. However, beginners often do not have a solid exit plan, putting them at a disadvantage over seasoned traders and causing them to lose more capital than they should. Keep in mind that investing is a marathon and not a sprint.

Most importantly, trade only what you can afford to lose.

✅ Rookie Investors Must Learn How to Effectively Use Resources

It is no secret that investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Whether free or paid, resources ought to be utilised for your own benefit, and beginners should know this as early as they start on their investment journey with Bitcoin Digital.

With Bitcoin Digital’s trading partners, you can use your personal account to execute demo trades. Take advantage of the demo accounts offered by those brokerage firms and seize the opportunity to learn from seasoned investors and brokers through copy trading without using any of your hard-earned money.

Experience a simulation of the real investing environment without having the need to incur risks. This way, you would be able to devise your own virtual trading strategy to succeed in investing, and such valuable knowledge will take you to greater heights in the near future when you start to trade using real money.

Of course, it is imperative for beginners to spend a considerable amount of time studying in full detail the resources available to them. Using resources available to you will surely go a long way.

While it is undeniable that robots facilitate the trading process, it is ultimately the traders who should be making all of the important decisions. As auto trading tools, robots are not conscientious; they simply do not have the ability to predict the future. As such, you remain accountable for your own decisions and those of the trading robot. Hence, there is an imperious need for traders to be proactive in every trading session they participate in.

✅ Rookie Investors Must Instill Learning as a Discipline

Market volatility is real. Virtually anything can happen in the cryptocurrency markets. From market dips to bullish seasons, the cryptocurrency market evolves on an hourly basis. The increasing influx of new investors leaves a significant impact on how markets respond to saturation, market capitalization limits, as well as supply and demand.

All these trends become more and more complex as the cryptocurrency market flourishes. No investment strategy will last for a lifetime, and this ought to convince beginners to be resilient in their strategies.

Achieving resilience amidst drastic market changes is made possible by continued learning throughout the years. Beginners must never stop learning, especially in a relatively new virtual space where there still is so much to learn.


This Bitcoin Digital review concludes that having profitable trades when trading cryptocurrency definitely isn’t the easiest thing to do. You need to fight market volatility, unpredictable news reports and more, which all have an effect on the crypto market.

By registering with a legitimate platform like Bitcoin Digital, you can not only gain access to their partner’s live trading platforms but also get access to demo accounts, help from an account manager, and the famous cryptocurrency trading robot completely for free.

Making money from the crypto market entails a lot of risks. Strategies are necessary to combat the effects of the volatile markets. Investing carries a substantial degree of risk. As such, gains and profits are never guaranteed.

For a trader, his/her success ultimately depends on a myriad of factors. A trader must consider his/her amount of investment initially deposited, frequency of attending live trading sessions, level of experience, risk appetite, bull and bear seasons that reflect the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, and a whole lot more.


Article Disclaimer: None of the information present in this Bitcoin Digital review should be deemed as financial advice from a certified financial advisor.

Platform Disclaimer: Bitcoin Digital is not a standalone trading software programme. Bitcoin Digital is an intermediary between brokers and traders wherein communication and trade is made easier. The only brokers affiliated with ourselves (Bitcoin Digital) are regulated brokers who comply with all regulatory measures.

CFD Cryptocurrency Risk Disclaimer: As CFDs are traded under high speculation, the trade of CFDs holds a great risk of negative returns or a complete loss of capital. Trading CFDs is inherently complex, as CFDs are highly leveraged instruments. Trade at your own risk or along with your full-time job.

The Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) has issued a policy statement PS20/10, which prohibits the sale, promotion and distribution of CFD on Crypto assets in the UK.

We prohibit the dissemination of marketing materials relating to the distribution of CFDs and other financial products based on Cryptocurrencies that are addressed to UK residents.