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What is the best asset to trade in 2022? Why is cryptocurrency investing the real deal? What should you look for when choosing a trading platform? We are here to answer all your financial questions. Open Ledger is one of the most trusted financial platforms globally. Our team is on the watch for the latest cryptocurrency news, upcoming partnerships, and broker reviews to help both beginners and traders dive into the financial markets of this year.


We gather precise information, historical data, technical analysis, and expert opinions to provide accurate price predictions to enhance your portfolio diversification and financial stability. We go beyond and we collect the most thought-provoking YouTube videos to help you familiarise yourself with the top crypto enthusiasts and their price forecasts. While no prediction should be considered financial advice, simply click on our Price Predictions section and dive into the crypto sector in seconds.



We at Open Ledger also aim to help you find the best trading solutions for your crypto needs. We analyse dozens of brokers and trading platforms, as well as the AI algorithms, safety measures, and features they employ, to ensure your safety and positive user experience.