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The cryptocurrency industry is a booming financial market and is more vital than it has ever been. As crypto integrates further into our lives, now more than ever, investing in cryptocurrency could change your financial future for the better.

Here at OpenLedger, we’re focused on preparing you and your investment portfolios for the healthiest financial future possible. Utilizing our unique trading strategies, in addition to our winning trade calls, working with us will ensure you get your crypto portfolio on the right track.

Our team of cryptocurrency experts and enthusiasts at OpenLedger are passionate about the future of this buzzing financial market. Although some companies may participate in fraudulent or distasteful activities, OpenLedger separates itself by providing excellent security and reliability for its customers.

How the Crypto Market is Developing

How the Crypto Market is Developing

With how fast the cryptocurrency markets tend to move, there are always new developments being announced on what seems like a daily basis. Moreover, recent developments within the crypto market are happening all over the world, and it can be a lot to pay attention to. Throughout 2021 alone, there have been numerous events that have been of high interest to institutions, governments, and traders alike.

By every criterion, Bitcoin has long been the market leader amongst cryptocurrencies, and a significant factor in the financial markets, since before blockchain and crypto became part of the discourse. With a market value of more than $2 trillion, large purchases by known brands such as Tesla, implementations with the NBA, and crypto payments being available via PayPal, it is reasonable to assume that Bitcoin and the crypto market are not just temporary fads.

A common dispute in recent years has been whether or not cryptocurrency can be used for transactions rather than merely being held as a short or long-term investment opportunity. For the time being, it appears that in the United States, at least, all cryptocurrencies will continue to be taxed as property, but this could quickly change with the expansion of the crypto market and pending regulations.

For another example of the cryptocurrency markets developments, El Salvador became the world's first government to embrace bitcoin as legal money in June this year. In September, legislation for this goes into effect. This essentially implies that you can use bitcoin to pay for products and any services across the country, and businesses and institutions would be required to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Many countries that may not have had the strongest fiat currency are eyeing Bitcoin and the crypto market as their financial systems potential savior. Furthermore, the decentralized nature of crypto will allow many individuals worldwide to have the opportunity to invest in an asset for the very first time. Much of what has hindered individuals from investing in stock or cryptocurrency was their countries own or lack of a central banking system.

Although cryptocurrency has its fair share of currency conversions that have to be made for specific purchases, this process is much easier than relying on a bank, and it can all be done from a simple smartphone. This is another reason why some governments are rushing towards regulation, as the decentralized financial system could make citizens want to move away from fiat currency entirely. This would be highly detrimental to economies worldwide as the world has spent decades building up our current financial system. Even if many agree that our current fiat system is outdated, it can't be thrown in the trash overnight.

More governments and institutions will begin to adopt Bitcoin into their respective economies as cryptocurrency's influence is spreading like wildfire. Even amongst various regulations looming on the horizon, this won't stop the long-term trajectory of the cryptocurrency financial industry. With Bitcoin recently reaching its new all-time high, investors are only concerned about when the cryptocurrency will reach six figures. The future looks bright for cryptocurrency, and you should be more than invested for the sake of your financial future.

Keeping Our Clients Interests and Investments Secure

Keeping Our Clients Interests and Investments Secure

There's a lot of talk about how secure and transparent blockchain technology is and how it's inherently safer than our current financial system. Although this may be true in quite a few regards, there are still plenty of issues that need to be addressed within the crypto financial system before it can be safely adopted on a global scale.

When it comes to scams within the crypto space, most people tend to aim their attention at crypto exchanges, as they've been under heavy fire for the security of traders' investments and personal information for years. However, many other areas in the market need equal if not more attention. At OpenLedger, not only do we have top-notch encryption to allow the most secure transfer of personal information, but we have a dedicated team of cyber-security experts who have years of experience working in the cryptocurrency industry.

We also provide multi-layer security to ensure that your investments are entirely protected around the clock. Our team of security experts is always up to date on security threats across the financial industry, in addition to new security protocols to combat ongoing issues. Furthermore, we have eyes on the market twenty-four hours per day, allowing us to react at a moment's notice if we encounter any kind of security issue with the site, our products, or your investments.

Blockchain appears to be safe, with cryptographic security measures and the guarantee that no one may alter data without the knowledge of other participants on the blockchain. This technology can provide a tamper-proof record of transactions which helps mitigate fraudulent activity across the market. Of course, this is not to say that blockchain is immune to hacks and security issues. There are plenty of people who may be able to take advantage of blockchain security flaws and cause extensive damage to many individuals' investments.

Hacks, data leaks, and reports of millions of stolen assets have been in the press throughout the last five years. This is why we operate the way we do at OpenLedger, by building trust and community for a better financial future.

Moreover, we go the extra mile in vetting each company and currency included with our trading recommendations. We’ll never direct you towards a fraudulent or untrustworthy investment, and you can rest assured that your money will be working for you and not against you. Furthermore, our full-time customer support team can quickly and efficiently mitigate any issue you may have with your account or investments.

To truly combat the known security issues within the crypto financial market, it will have to start with the company's and institutions that carry the influence. As OpenLedger has been progressing for quite some time, we realize that we're in a position to change the narrative about companies such as ours and become a leader and advocate of unwavering security for cryptocurrency investors. We work around the clock tirelessly, so you don't have to, and your personal information and financial interests are secure within the OpenLedger platform.